Graphic Design

Graphic Design students can help your business

Graphic design students are ideal for many professional companies to take on board for both simple and complex projects. The two most popular areas for which our graphic design students are requested to work on are logo design and web design. Students have the opportunity to upload their own examples of work on their Studentgems profile for employers to view and make an assessment on their style and talent. The students will normally complete the work on a cheaper pay rate, compared to the price of professionally qualified graphic design.

Cheaper logo design

Students develop wide-ranging graphic design skills including drawing and sketching, team working, technical skills (using various graphic design computer packages that is normally used for logo designing, illustration, web design and printing), developing their entrepreneurial skills and enhancing their creativity. Students make the perfect graphic design employees for a vast range of projects that companies will further benefit in saving money by hiring them as opposed, to hiring a professional. Students will provide a high standard of work at an affordable rate, as they are much more ambitious in developing their own portfolio and improving their grading.

Hiring freelance graphic designers is often a time consuming task that is not cheaper and can amount to unnecessary costs. Students are the best option for completing important projects, especially in our current time of economic instability whereby many companies cannot afford the services of a professionally qualified individual. The work will be much more valuable to the employers and will enable them to invest their money wisely without seeing a loss.

As a graphic design student you will be able to incorporate your Studentgems work into your own portfolio. Furthermore you will be paid for the work that you do and make some useful contacts with people within the graphic design field. Building up your profile is important, especially after graduation when graduates begin searching for a new full-time job/career. With a degree in graphic design, competition will be fierce, so getting freelance paid work whilst studying will enhance your CV, secure good references and enhance your employability skills.

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