Freelance Woodworking ...how students can help your business

Students following woodworking and carpentry courses are well equipped to help out with those woodworking jobs you want to get done.

Shelves to put up? Doors to fit?

StudentGems have a number of student woodworkers registered. There are also graduates and students who have woodwork as a hobby and demonstrate a high level of skill at a cheaper rate.

Most college courses encourage their students to gain some real life commercial experience as a way to develop their skills and to help build up their own profile and network of customers. Hiring students for short term or temporary jobs will mean that they will be keep to impress with work of a high standard.

Students will have their own tools and equipment, so no need to buy anything, they will come equipped for the job.

Cheaper woodworkers

Our candidates want to work as freelance woodworkers and carpenters and are usually looking to set up their own business in the future. They have modern, fresh ideas and some have the skills to design their own products - original work, all at a cheaper, more affordable rate.

As a freelance woodworking student, use our opportunities to complete professional and commercial projects and develop your portfolio, and get paid into the bargain!

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