Freelance Research students can help your business

Many businesses and private individuals are searching for high calibre students to carry out research projects that require their expertise and knowledge in specific fields. However, research students are not just used for their expertise in all things technical; some students are required for researching holiday destinations, marketing and sales leads or 'best buys'.

Working on research projects is a favourite method for determining competition and market viability of a product. The range of research skills available is wide, so it is difficult to pinpoint the most popular researching projects offered. However one thing we can determine is that students have access to some of the best library facilities to carry out their research.

Student Research Projects

Businesses find that taking on student researchers saves them money, because their services generally cost less than the services of a professional researcher. Many research projects are long and time consuming and are ideal for fitting around a study timetable or holiday period. As they also have access to the University library, they will be able to find information faster than a professional researcher and will not charge the employer for membership fees (further saving businesses money!).

As a student the time spent on researching is a useful skill as some universities require the student to conduct their own independent research projects and it is recognised as one of the key employability skills. Many employers will prefer to take on a second or final year student to conduct the more advanced research work, because they may have more experience and knowledge.

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