Freelance Photography students can help your business

Students currently completing a photography course are the perfect candidates to take on professional photography projects, because of their enthusiasm and passion for the subject, as well as being able to demonstrate their skill in capturing perfect images. Studentgems have a number of student photographers registered, from photography undergraduates to students at a Masters/Postgraduate level. There are also students who have dabbled in photography as a hobby and demonstrate a high level of quality photographic talent at a cheaper rate.

Most photography courses encourage students to gain some hands-on experience with other external agencies as a way to develop their own portfolio and to help build up their own profile as a photographer. As the students are assessed on their practical and theoretical knowledge of photography, hiring them for short term or temporary jobs will mean that the work they produce will be of a high standard. Their passion and drive to succeed on their course will be portrayed in the work they provide - whatever the task may be.

Candidates not only focus on taking quality photographs but also have skills in art, storyboarding, image processing, digital photography, restoration and touch-ups, with many choosing to use their own photographic studio equipment - therefore employers will not have to spend extra money on new equipment. The assignments can vary from jewellery photography, portrait photography, furniture images to capturing weddings and other special events, film stills and much more.

Cheaper photographers

All of our candidates are eager to work as freelance or temporary photographers; some have the skills to develop their own pictures. They can work under pressure through picking up these skills on their course. Hiring student photographers will enable the employer take on new employees with fresh and innovative ideas and open up their doors to original creative work, all from a cheaper/affordable rate. As they have easy access to a wide range of photographic equipment and technological devices on their college campus, students are capable of completing assignments within the time limit specified.

As a freelance photography student you will have the opportunity to work on projects at a professional level, taking in the experience of working on a broad range of projects and developing your own portfolio, whilst getting paid. In addition you will make plenty of useful contacts with people within industry, allowing for more positive feedback and references from potential employers, as well as increasing your chances of ultimately finding permanent employment.

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