Copy Writing

Freelance Copywriting students can help your business

Studentgems have a large list of talented candidates with strong copywriting skills, producing top quality written copy for websites, brochures, leaflets and SEO. Student copywriters are able to use their own experiences in the modern world to produce creative pieces that capture the public attention and focus on the brand. Whether it is promoting a new product or writing content for a website, or even producing SEO articles at short notice, students work diligently at presenting work at near professional standard.

Finding professional freelance or temporary copywriting service can be expensive and not all freelance copywriters are readily available at short notice. Many will have already been hired by an external agency and are limited to the kind of service they can provide. Student copywriters are able to work on any given project at short notice at a lower pay, with most of them already accustomed to working towards deadlines and producing high quality content within the deadline period.

Cheaper copywriting

Students are from varied backgrounds, such as English undergraduates, trainee Journalists, or postgraduate/masters students. Each piece of copywriting work given to them can be a one off piece or as part of an ongoing assignment. As these students are looking to gain copywriting experience, as well as paid employment, each piece of work they produce will be of a high standard and they will use the completed assignments to add to their own copywriting portfolio.

Businesses will benefit from keeping up-to-date with current trends and affairs as the students are fresh thinking and innovative in their copywriting approach. Whether it is through their own hobbies or from their studies, or through experiencing the latest music festival, they have the capacity to produce original and quality content at a cheaper price. Take a fresh look at the freelance copywriting talents available and experience the enthusiasm they offer!

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