Admin, finance and business students can help your business

Too much admin to do? For a professional business to run smoothly, it has to maximise efficiency. One aspect of this is good admin, finance and business assistance practice. These are all vital skills for the organisation of any business however large or small. Time is money and a cheaper way to make sure that a business is as productive as possible is to use students and graduates to work on freelance admin, finance and business assistance projects because they work at a cheaper rate than, for example, an agency worker.

Admin, finance and business projects carried out cheaply

Most students and graduates are computer literate, organised and eager to learn and as such could greatly assist in all manner of admin, finance and business assistance projects. In particular, as students and graduates work as freelancers, there is no commitment to long-term employment costs. Just imagine ploughing through that endless 'to-do' list and getting all those jobs that have bee on the back burner done. What a relief that would be. Each job could be treated as a freelance project and could be almost anything from archive organisation to book keeping, copy typing to customer service, data processing to having a document hand couriered, PowerPoint presentation creation to a friendly receptionist and risk assessment to transcriptions. You name it, freelance students and graduates to do it cheaper than the going commercial rate.

Numerous admin, finance and business assistance projects have been carried out by students and graduates including an eshot preparation, database cleansing, PowerPoint assistance, transcribing and so much more. Freelance projects such as these can all be done remotely which allows much more flexibility.

After a database was cleansed to ensure as accurate as possible marketing, Bekki James, an image consultant wrote 'using StudentGems was such an invaluable experience to my business. I was able to concentrate on what I do best: being an Image Consultant and hire in the superb skills base from StudentGems to do what I have the least time to do: database cleansing. A vital task necessary for the efficient running of my consultancy but not an easy one for me to dedicate time to! StudentGems was the answer - I would recommend them to anyone. The added bonus was that the job was done much more cheaply!'

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