Why involve a placement agency for your internship abroad?

Nowadays, more and more students and young professionals wish to live an international experience during their studies or career. For many of them, the first opportunity comes at the end of their studies. Leaving university is often an opportunity to take off and live your dreams. Freshly graduated and looking for new experiences, many students consider doing an internship abroad

Find an internship abroad: an obstacle course

But, where to start? Which country to turn to? How can you be sure that the company will meet your expectations and offer you the ideal setting and the desired missions for your first experience? Doing an internship abroad is a crucial step in your career and personal development. In addition to living an international experience that will undoubtedly offer you a new perspective, joining an international team also allows you to expand your address book and, who knows, to land your dream job. It is therefore essential to make your expatriation a success and find the company that will be able to train and guide you during your first steps in your professional life.

Various international recruitment procedures

Since recruitment procedures are not the same in all countries, it can be tricky to send applications worldwide, especially if they are unsolicited. Corporate cultures also differ around the world. Don’t hesitate to inform yourself before applying so you avoid the experience of a culture shock when you start your internship.

Involve international recruitment experts to find your internship abroad

To help you in your search and to support you in your expatriation process, international placement agencies have developed. 

But why pay an agency when I could find my internship on my own?

For all the reasons mentioned at the beginning of this article, living an international experience, and more particularly a professional experience is an important concern for your career. It may, therefore, be worthwhile to invest a little bit of money to make sure your mobility goes smoothly. By involving an agency, you have access to many advantages: 

Placement on internship offers that match your profile

By looking closely at your profile and your search, the international recruitment experts will propose you internships that meet your expectations. This way, you will have access to offers with professionalizing missions, in agreement with your training and career prospects.

Paid internships

Some employment agencies only offer paid internships. This financial support can be very useful for international mobility. This support can sometimes go beyond a monthly salary. If you do your internship in a hotel, you will be housed, fed and paid. Costs related to the services of a placement agency with expertise in international internships will then be covered by the remuneration. 

A team at your service throughout the duration of your internship

Going abroad alone can be stressful and disorienting. Calling on an agency also means having access to assistance throughout your mobility. Experts will be available to answer and advise you

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