Why going abroad is good for your mental health

Breaking out of everyday life

For many, the path after graduation is already clear: you study and then start your career. The opportunities for young people have never been so diverse, but at the same time the pressure to be successful has never been as high. This means that more and more people suffer from burnout at a young age. It is therefore not surprising that a lot of people are choosing to go abroad for a longer period of time, either after school, during their studies or after a few years in working life. Many school graduates take a year off before studying to find out what they want to do with their lives and therefore travel abroad. Others choose Work & Travel to finance their travel experience. Working people also take the plunge to break out of everyday life and escape the pressure of society for a while by taking a sabbatical. But no matter whether schoolchildren, students or working people – everybody who lived for a while in a foreign country or traveled around agrees on one thing: The feeling of freedom is priceless for mind and soul.

Growing with challenges

Experience abroad always brings challenges because it forces us to step out of our comfort zone. Therefore, we automatically acquire new skills and knowledge. We learn to be more tolerant, flexible and patient, become more independent and find out more about ourselves. Not only because we get to know new people, cultures and traditions. But also because we get the opportunity to learn to relax again. If this is your main focus while going abroad you definitely should think about going to Asia. Whether meditation, yoga or certain breathing techniques – there are countless retreats and gurus that teach you how to reduce stress more easily. 

If Asia is a little too far away for you, then this yoga retreat in Portugal could be just the thing for you, because it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the real Bali magic to the fullest without having to travel to the other end of the world.The techniques you will learn during this time can of course also be practiced when you are back at home to master your everyday life better. And those who are more relaxed can focus on their own goals and are generally more creative.

To work abroad

When you do a sabbatical, you take a break from the stressful day-to-day work life to discover the world. But of course not everyone has the opportunity and the savings to simply switch off for a few months and do nothing but discovering new countries and places. Fortunately, finding a job abroad is easier than you might expect. A warmer climate, a different culture, good food, mild summer nights and living and working where others go on vacation – this sounds like a dream to you? Working Adventures gives you the opportunity to do all of this. Whether you want to live abroad after your graduation or just for a year to escape hectic, stressful, cold England – the lifestyle in the south surely won’t disappoint you.