Reasons to do an apprenticeship

Now apprenticeships are often burdened with the common misconception that they exist purely for a small number of trade jobs like plumbing, car mechanics or hairdressing. The reality is quite the opposite. Apprenticeships are everywhere and if you’re someone who has a dream job in mind, they could be the best route to your goal. 

However, if you are unsure about what you want to do with your further education and you don’t really know what the apprenticeship malarkey is all about, here is a helpful list of a few of the benefits of doing an apprenticeship:

  1. Get paid to learn!

One of the biggest setbacks of university is that is costs so darn much! But what’s even better than not paying for your studies? Actually making money from your studies. The current minimum wage for apprenticeships is £3.70 per hour however depending on what your apprenticeship is and who you’re working for, you can earn much more than this. The amount you earn will depend on the industry, how old you are and will change as your progress with your apprenticeship. 

  1. You gain skills and experience

One of the best reasons to do an apprenticeship is the fact that you learn on the job. Many of the skills you’ll learn as an apprentice can’t be taught in the classroom and the experience you’ll gain will likely to prove themselves to be insightful and unique. Learning whilst working with a specific company is the best way to secure employment and many employers recruit apprenticeships with future employment in mind. If you have your dream job in mind, get that apprenticeship!

  1. It counts as a qualification!

Whether or not you choose to stay on with your apprenticeship, it still counts as a qualification. The level of qualification you’ll receive depends on the individual apprenticeship, but it is possible to find apprenticeships that gain you the equivalent qualification of a university degree. Therefore no matter if you decide to do something different after the apprenticeship, you still have all the benefits of a qualification to support you in your future.

  1. Contacts, contacts, contacts

Doing an apprenticeship is the best way to meet people in the industry and network. Meeting people through your working experience will aid you in progressing in your career. These same people can also offer you guidance and support as you learn and develop through your apprenticeship. If you impress the right people and stand out, you’re likely to be remembered and offered opportunities first when they crop up. 

Still not convinced?

One of the things that put most people off apprenticeships is the preconception that they only exist in a limited number of careers. However, apprenticeships can be found in a wide range of industries paying various amounts and taking different lengths of time. Before you rule out an apprenticeship, do your research. You will be surprised by the range of opportunities out there and where they can take your future. Apprenticeships are a great alternative to university and the best way to get into the world of work whilst continuing your studies. 

Post by Gabrielle Morris