How to turn your internship into a full-time job

Being an intern opens up the door to so many opportunities, the main one being the fact that you could gain a full-time job from this experience. Of course, it will be difficult, but it’s achievable.

Before you even begin your internship, you need to consider what you really want to gain from it. If you’reconsidering that line of work as a long-term career, make that clear to your employer – that way, you’re expressing that you are truly interested. Don’t be afraid to go out of your way to make your intentions known.

You could quite possibly be thrown into the deep end with your internship, depending on the field of work. Inthis case, be ready and willing to work independently. However, you won’t be expected to know the answerto every problem, so feel free to ask questions to your employer if you have any – but make sure to refrainfrom being a hindrance. You need to try to demonstrate your ability to make decisions for yourself, but it isn’ta crime to need a little help every now and again.

The best way to impress your employer is to really contribute something to the team. Whether it’s yourwillingness to do a task that others might not, or your bright smile in the morning, be sure to add something to the workforce so that not hiring you seems like a bad decision. Remember that you have a voice; you can volunteer your ideas where needed in order to show initiative. You could offer to help someone with a largeworkload, surpass what’s expected of you. Show your passion and drive. Be indispensable.

While there, venture into different branches of the business, you may find that you’re better suited to adifferent position, and your internship could allow you to trial different sectors. Also, it might be worthwhile to research the business throughout your internship, giving you a greater understanding of how certain thingswork, the clients, etc. By doing research, you’re being proactive and it will help to learn of any changes and tounderstand how things work both before and during your internship so that you’ll have less uncertainty.Knowledge is power.

Having good relationships with your peers is crucial if you want to turn your internship into something more permanent. A good relationship with your supervisor is definitely important, but if you have positive relationships with your other co-workers too (and those outside of your department), you’ll show yourwillingness to go the extra mile, and demonstrate your communication skills. Those colleagues could also give you a good recommendation, so I highly suggest doing this. Your reputation will really help you.

Don’t neglect the small things: work ethic is key. Not only that, but being organised too. Essentially, you need to ensure that you demonstrate a lack of tardiness, and complete all tasks to a good standard. If you’re still in school while you’re completing your internship, time management may be significantly more difficult,but you need to make it a priority to work on this skill.

Although this might seem like the most terrifying thing, you could always ask your supervisor/employer what the chances of you getting a full-time job would be. You would even ask what the company would look for in a full-time employee, then hone in on the skills they mention. This would demonstrate engagement, and maybe give the employer a not-so-subtle hint that you’re interested in a permanent role.

If asking your supervisor seems too daunting, ask your colleagues for to impart some of their professionalwisdom on you. Even if you don’t manage to turn this internship into a full-time career, these colleagues could be very useful connections for future careers instead. Learning how to network within your internship will bring new opportunities for you.

When you finish your internship, make sure to send a genuine follow-up email, or even a letter. By doing so,you can express your gratitude as well as asking the company to keep in touch with job vacancies, and you’dhave the upper hand over people who had never worked within the company before. You could use this email (or letter) to turn your internship into a full-time position if you couldn’t step straight into it from theinternship, i.e. needing to return to school.

Post by Georgia Foote.

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