How to actually prep yourself moving abroad?

Finally making that move?

Has it always been your dream to study abroad? Has the time finally arrived and are you planning to enroll in an overseas university? In our opinion, that is an awesome idea! Studying abroad is not only great for your resume or career but it is also beneficial for your personal growth. During your time abroad you will learn so much on a professional and personal level. Your social network will grow, your language skills will enhance, and you will get another look towards life. However, when starting such an experience it is very important to prepare yourself and to take care of certain things.

How to prep for the move?

Most students who are planning their adventure abroad often stress out or panic. You are not the only one. This is very normal. We are not only here to tell you not to worry but we are also here to help you not to forget anything and to help you with the tasks that are important. This way we can reduce your stress levels!

A place to stay

It is important to book yourself a student accommodation. Do your research, enquire thoroughly, and choose something that matches your desires. Online there are a lot of websites that offer student housing or private dorms. These tend to fill up fast nowadays because of the rise of international students. And this is exactly why it is important to arrange everything for your accommodation before you arrive so that you have a relaxed way of starting your first term. And of course, it is a good way to quickly adapt to your new surroundings abroad.

What to take with you

Look at the stuff that you want to take with you. You are moving abroad for a longer period, and this means that you must pack in a smart way. This can be challenging but starting early saves you a lot of time and stress. Do not forget to check your airlines policy so that you will know how many pieces of luggage you are allowed to take with you. You can leave items such as bedding essentials at home because most of the student accommodations provide these for you. If not, you can buy it there. Do not overpack.

Do your research

It is important to research the country, city and university you are moving to. What stuff can you do in your free time? How is the culture? Are there any specials courses you can take at the university? When you explore everything beforehand it will make you adjust quicker and therefore make your life abroad a bit easier.

Have a grip on your finances

It is important to manage your finances. This means opening a bank account, but it also means that it is important to save some money in case of an emergency. Set yourself a budget for everything. Do you need or want a student loan? In the case of a student loan, it is important to apply for it in advance.

Health above anything

Another important thing next to managing your finances is your health insurance. Most universities abroad require mandatory student health insurance. Ask the university where you are going to study for more information about this topic so that you know what actions need to be taken. Do they have an insurance plan for you, or do you need to get yourself an international health coverage?

Give it time

Living in a foreign country by yourself can be challenging and quite a culture shock. You can get sad at times and adapting can be hard and exhausting. Do not forget that it is important to give yourself enough time. Some need a week, some need months to adapt. Do not stress and do everything according to your own speed. It will make life abroad much easier!

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