CV Examples and templates

Writing a CV is never an easy task…

Don’t worry, we’ve made the whole process as straight forward as possible by providing you with a number of CV examples. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking to apply for a part-time position, graduate role or if you’re a school leaver looking to get out into the working world.

When writing your CV you’ll have to make sure you include all your skills and experience whilst making it look presentable and professional. Here are some CV examples to help you start applying for jobs:

Basic CV Example for Part time and Full time jobs

This is the most common format of CV. It can be used as a good base for applying to almost any postion. In this CV you must include a personal statement/summary, your previous employment history, your education history and any relevant skills. You can also include a section about your hobbies and interests but make sure you keep in relevant to the positions you’re applying for.

The golden CV size is two pages, more than this and the recruiter will most likely lose interest.

You can download our CV example for Part time and Full time jobs here:

Graduate CV Example

If you’ve recently graduated from university and you’re looking for your first Full time job or graduate placement, you’ll have to structure your CV in a slightly different way to when you’re applying for a normal job.

As a recent graduate, it’s likely you’ll be a little light on the work experience side so it’s important to show off your recent studies. This will be the first section right underneath your personal statement. It’s also important to go into detail about the modules you’ve completed as this will show a wider understanding of the subject. This is especially important if you’re looking for a graduate role in a field which is related to your study.

You can download our Graduate CV example here:

School Leaver CV Example

If you’ve just left school and have no or little work experience it can be hard to create a CV that really makes you stand out to employers. We’ve created an example CV that highlights everything you need to include to help get you your first job.

You can download our School Leaver CV example here: