CV Example for people with no work experience

Are you looking for your first ever job but aren’t sure what to put on your CV?

It can be tricky writing a CV when you don’t have any professional work experience to include. Don’t let that stop you as there are a number of sections you can focus on instead in order to help you stand out and land your first job.

To help you, we’ve put created an example of CV for someone with little work experience. You can download the CV example here:

Personal statement

The first section of any CV should be a personal statement which is tailored to the role you’re applying for. If you’re applying for a job as a receptionist, your personal statement should be completely different to if you were applying for a role as a sales assistant in your local supermarket. Make sure you edit this section each time before you send your CV out.

With a personal statement you want to answer any introduction questions a recruiter may have: Who are you? What do you offer to our company? What are you aiming for in your career?


As the job you’re applying for will be your first or one of your first, focus on your skill set rather than your limited work history. Really showcase what you know and what you can bring to the company.

Try to go into detail as much as possible when listing relevant skills. For example if you’re listing IT skills, name the specific programs you’re good at.

As well as specific skills it’s also good to include soft skills such as confidence with public speaking, positive attitude and your time keeping skills. Giving examples of times when you’ve used these skills can help backup the points you’re trying to get across.


You should include all your education achievements from GCSEs onwards. Giving an overview of the subjects you took and your grades is a good idea. If you’re still awaiting the results then include the results of mock exams which you’ve sat or your expected results. Make sure you list your results in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent events at the top of the section

Hobbies & Interests

On CVs, a hobbies section is always optional. However, if you haven’t any work experience to include then listing your hobbies and interests can be a great way to get your skills and personality across.

Make sure any hobbies you list are not too generic, hanging with friends or watching Netflix isn’t going to impress the recruiter. Completing a sailing course or becoming a black belt in karate shows you have determination and a get up and go attitude.

A good question to ask yourself when writing this section is: Will adding this information help me get the job?

Employment history

If you have no employment experience, you can always skip this section. However if you’ve done some work experience at school or taken part in a volunteering project then this can also be included even if it was only for a few days.


If you have no work experience, your school tutor or a family friend is a great reference option. Some employers will ask for references directly in the job advert, however, if this isn’t specified then it’s perfectly fine to state that they are available upon request.